Safe Volunteering During COVID-19

Our Safety Precautions:

  • The NDP in Toronto Centre are not canvassing door-to-door in this by-election. New Democrats have always been strong at door-to-door outreach but we aren’t willing to put our volunteers and communities at risk. 
  • All of our volunteers are provided gloves, masks, and hand sanitizer as they do literature drops and other less risky outreach around our community. 
  • Physical distancing will always be observed, even with masks for the utmost risk mitigation. 
  • While we have the resources and ability to open an office, we do not believe it is safe to open a space, even on a short-term basis that puts people at risk.
  • We’re meeting with volunteers in public, open, outdoor places with good ventilation. 
  • We’re keeping diligent contact records, logging contact information of volunteers and stakeholders, hours and where people were. 
  • All campaign staff and volunteers must download the official COVID-19 Alert app and have it operational while conducting campaign work.
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