Jason Cole

Jason and I met years ago working to elect a friend in Toronto Centre. Right in this neighbourhood, we both focused in on the same thing — a better future. We’re aligned again and ready to use Toronto Centre as a beacon for LGBTQ2S+, non-binary, diverse, and disabled voices.

It really shouldn’t matter whether you are queer, live with a disability, or a facial difference, or whatever your gender might be at that moment. But we live in a world where those are grounds for discrimination, where the quality of your life is negatively affected, and where you have to constantly fight to be seen, to have your health accomodated, and to be given the chance to succeed.

I’ve struggled to have my hearing disability recognized in workplaces. I’ve been fired because I was gay and asked for time off to volunteer for the 519 at Pride. We can do so much better. We need to. I promised Jason I would always fight for the disabled. This endorsement will always remind me that I am disabled and I am not alone.

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