Nuvi Sidhu

As a racialized person organizing in politics it can be really hard to feel like you are the right person and not an imposter. It often feels like you are working in a system that you don’t belong in. Years ago, I remember Nuvi and I talking about those feelings of not feeling up to the task.

After seeing her in action though, I was confident that she was absolutely the right person for the job and I told her that. She was an inspirational leader who organized and built relationships with so many people right across the country and I was so proud to serve with her and learn from her.

Bring #RealChang to Toronto Centre

Reside in Toronto Centre

Only NDP members residing in Toronto Centre can vote at the nomination meeting.

Join the NDP by June 13

Register or renew your membership online to vote. You must have joined on or before June 13 in order to vote.

Attend the nomination meeting

The nomination meeting will be on July 14, at the 519. Be sure to attend as every vote counts!

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We’ll need to talk to hundreds of NDP members and tens of thousands of voters to elect Brian in October.

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