Plan to Vote by Mail

Plan to Vote by Mail

Voting by mail is easy and safe!

The option to vote by mail is a safe and easy way to make sure your voice gets heard on election day! The information we are providing below was taken directly from the Elections Canada website

In order to vote by mail you need to complete a few steps 

  1. Visit the Elections Canada website and click to apply to vote in the October 26th, 2020 federal by-election in the electoral district of Toronto Centre 
  2. Answer the questions that follow 
  3. Open the PDF for Registration and Special Ballot
  4. Fill out the form with your information, print & sign it 
  5. With your application you must provide clear copies of your proof of identity and address. This can be done in ONE of three ways 
    • Provide one piece of government-issued ID
    • Provide two pieces of ID
    • Provide an affidavit 

*Examples of proper ID can be found here

  1. You can then send in your application in one of three ways 
    • By Mail 
    • By Courier 
    • By Fax

*Elections Canada is suggesting these applications be sent by fax*

  1. Application must be received by the Elections Canada office by October 20th at 6pm, this means, if you are sending in your application by mail, it must be posted in time for it to arrive before 6pm on October 20th. 
  2. Your request will then be processed by Elections Canada and you will be sent a ballot to fill out and MAIL back to the local Elections Canada office. For Toronto Centre the address is:

TD Canada Trust Tower 
161 Bay Street 
Suite 2700
Toronto, ON, M5J 2S1

The most common reason for a mail-in ballot being denied is an unclear picture that Elections Canada staff cannot read, so make sure the copy is clear and can be read.

If you do not have access to a printer or do not have access to a fax machine, email [email protected] and we will support you.


Will you vote by mail?