It's time we tax the rich

For far too long our federal government has stood by and given the wealthiest a free ride – while income inequality continues to skyrocket.

Justin Trudeau & Erin O'Toole want you to think the only way to improve public services in Canada is to increase taxes on every day people or make cuts elsewhere – because they work for the ultra rich, not for you.  Jagmeet Singh and I will tax the rich and invest in people.

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Brian Chang, Jagmeet Singh and the NDP are committed to:

  • Implementing a wealth tax on those with more than $10,000,000 in assets
  • Reversing the decades of corporate tax cuts made by the Liberals & Conservatives
  • Ensuring the multinational web giants like Facebook, Google and Amazon pay their fair share
  • Implementing an excess profit tax on the big corporations who profited wildly from the pandemic
  • Closing tax loopholes and shutting down tax havens exploited by the ultra-rich