The governments we elect and the people who represent us matter in times of crisis. And after a year of the pandemic, things are worse than ever for Toronto Centre. And that's not inevitable. Our Federal and Provincial Governments have led us to this point.

Our healthcare workers are exhausted and leaving their jobs broken. Our teachers are in tears, sitting in cars, the only safe place to drink water. People who can't work from home are getting infected and infecting others because they have no paid sick leave. The brunt of this Third Wave is being born by workers. Workers are everyday people. And everyday people have made it clear they are struggling. Why aren't our governments stepping up to meet their needs?

We will not end the overlapping crises of a global pandemic, climate emergency, unaffordable housing, or systemic racism with shiny promises and empty action.

The NDP, myself, and Jagmeet Singh will put your needs first:

  • Fighting for a comprehensive and permanent sick leave program for everyday workers.
  • Ensuring income stability during the pandemic and a just recovery, focusing on people not corporations.
  • Tackling climate change by ending fossil fuel subsidies, implementing energy-saving building retrofits and a Green New Deal.
  • Implementing public, universal pharmacare and dental care because your healthcare should not be tied to your job.

In Toronto Centre, I'm running to work for you. To make sure you have representation that works as hard as you do.

With love and courage,

Are you ready to take action?

Phone: 647.557.6435
Mailing Address: 31 Adelaide St E, Box 494, Toronto, ON M5C 1J4