Recently, a huge Regent Park condo sold for a record-breaking $1 million. 3 bedrooms across 1,157 square feet of inside space and a massive 1,100 square foot terrace. The oasis of a terrace was custom manicured with imported Brazilian wood, plants to attract insects and birds, and an artisanal waterfall connected to a full irrigation system. Apparently, it’s actually a really good deal in terms of market rate in Toronto for what it offers.

When a $1 million condo is described in the same sentence as “good deal,” I take pause.

I cannot afford a home like this. You likely cannot afford a home like this either. In fact, I don’t think many young people will ever be able to afford home ownership in Toronto; even though many work full-time with a good salary.

For years, Liberal and Conservative governments alike have made bad policy decisions in housing. Almost all government interventions in housing are focused on two areas: public housing and home ownership. The middle ground of planned rentals, cooperative housing, and affordable rentals have gone by the wayside.

The absence of planned, government-led rental units has left a void for those who are renting. Investors, foreign and domestic, and big corporations are snapping up condos in Toronto and using them as cash cows in the absence of a strong federal government. 

We deserve better.

I’m ready to stand up to make sure that everyone can afford a place to call home. Here’s how:

  • Building 500,000 new affordable homes across the country with $5 billion provided in the first year of an NDP government.
  • Accelerating and supporting the creation of social, cooperative, and non-profit housing with federal resources.
  • Eliminating the federal portion of the GST/HST on new affordable housing construction.
  • Championing deferred property tax programs to keep seniors in their homes. 
  • Pushing the CMHC to prioritize and incentivize the financing of affordable rental construction with particular emphasis on underserved communities
  • Building, funding, and sustaining LGBTQ2S+ fostering and/or foster homes, and shelters. 
  • Including long-term care homes, and prioritizing in-home care for our aging populations.
  • Exploring bans or stringent restrictions on short-term rentals in communities facing housing crises. 
  • Working with Indigenous communities to build housing that is appropriate and meets their needs. 
  • Ensuring that all federal lands or buildings sold to developers in Toronto include affordable homes or affordable rentals. Every. Single. Time.

Will you sign?

I’m okay with not being able to afford a $1 million home. I don’t think many of us can. But I’m not okay with Liberals and Conservatives making bad policy decision while Canadians get left behind.

I’m ready to stand up to make sure that everyone can afford a place to call home.  Are you with me?

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